Why is Facebook no more a questionable component of B2B marketing?

Facebook has manifested itself as a holistic platform that sprouts new opportunities for both, B2B and B2C businesses. With the changing content capabilities and advertising tools hosted on the social media site, businesses are discovering new ways to target their audience and capitalise on sales leads. B2B businesses have come to realise that with the use of the right strategies and tactics, they can tap a large segment of potential customers and make their deliverables known to them. While B2B businesses are increasingly looking down upon Facebook as a questionable component of their strategy, the social media giant continues to become a ground for new customers to be discovered.

As per recent statistics, business decision makers spend 74% more time on the social media platform, as compared to the remaining user base of the same and also make use of its messaging platform to communicate with their network. Also, it was found that 40% of these business decision makers were likely to have more than 200 friends on the social media platform, giving them a wide outreach among potential customers.

Why should you consider Facebook as an excellent B2B marketing sphere?

Well, knowing how businesses can benefit from Facebook marketing is one thing but understanding how it works is another. Here is why you ought to consider Facebook as an excellent B2B marketing sphere.

1. The best popularity in town

Most businesses are making use of social media as a part of their advertising strategy. Having a presence on Facebook warrants assured visibility and leads for a business. Of late, Facebook has become the leading platform for consumers, even ahead of LinkedIn. With its growing popularity, Facebook has become a preferred destination for users to browse for information and make a purchase decision. So, if you are not building your consumer advertisement strategy around Facebook, you are missing out on some terrific leads.

2. Adept ground support

Every B2B marketing strategy is ideally designed to swing the interest of a business decision maker to tip the scales of a product or service. Facebook can be used as a social media platform that allows direct marketing to the prospective clients and businesses. This direct link becomes useful in influencing a significant support for your business.

3. Content capabilities

When it comes to consumer marketing, anyone would tell you to influence the image of a product or service because they will ultimately feel drawn to something that appeals to them visually. However, with a business, matters are somewhat different. A business would ideally look for the actual substance of a product or service. Factors like, the cost of the item, its mode of operation, and terms, affect the decision making of prospective clients. Facebook is the only platform that lends you the capability to upload product related documentation and post information, such that it shows up not only in targeted advertisements but also on the accounts that follow the company.

4. Targeting the masses

You would be surprised to know this but Facebook is the only social media platform which collects more information about its users than any other platform. If you ever wondered how Facebook knows exactly which ads to display on your feed, then this is key to understand how the social media giant knows what to show to you. Facebook uses the details of a user to tailor advertisements based on specific business and profession of users. This is one of the way that Facebook uses to lure interested users to a business and connects interested parties.

Why Facebook fares better than any other social media platform?

There is no dearth of social media platforms to engage on, as you might have discovered on your native app store. The difference that erupts between them and Facebook is a wide one, particularly affected by the fact that user engagement is somehow more intense on Facebook. People are logging in to Facebook multiple times during the day, seeking information and sharing their interests at an accelerated pace that significantly surpasses any other social media platform.

When it comes to a business decision maker, the decision to engage in a product or service, is ideally affected by information which is available on multiple sources. One of the common phenomena that is observed in the process is that, B2B decision makers place their preferences over products that are reviewed and shared by their virtual friends. Hence, Facebook, being the only social media platform that offers the scope to make friends on social media, fares ahead of other social media platforms in enhancing such decisions.

How can you create an effective target?

If you are a marketer, who is looking to connect with a B2B decision maker, you should focus your search on the right industry, job titles, interest groups and right businesses, to select the right marketing strategy for your business. Facebook has altered many of its algorithms to suit the marketer’s needs, which is good for you because you can reach your target audience with the right approach. What will be needed to combat competition is great content and using the right approach to connect with B2B decision makers.

As per recent numbers, a Facebook user is likely to spend up to 30 minutes of his day on Facebook, which is much more than any other social media platform. Facebook has shaped itself as one of the most unique social media platforms that use several algorithms to identify the target audience and deliver the most relevant ads to special interest groups. Using Facebook as a social media platform for effective B2B marketing might pose its own challenges but with the right approach, you can exploit its potential in just the right way!

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