Optimum LinkedIn advertising strategies to achieve growth in the UAE market

LinkedIn is synonymous with a centric professional network that has been accumulating a large horde of social media users, willing to connect with similar professionals through this platform. However, when it comes to marketing, LinkedIn has not been able to manifest itself as a popular channel, capable of converting leads, in the minds of social media marketers. Needless to say, the professional networking giant holds ample scope for business marketing, something that remains a novel idea for most strategists even today. This also means that currently, there is a huge space of advantage here, waiting to embrace the early movers.

How is it possible to see LinkedIn as a marketing channel?

LinkedIn offers its own unique blend of marketing tools, analogous to Facebook, which can actually shift the tables in favour of a brand, given that the strategist implements the right action plan. Basically, you need to start viewing LinkedIn, for what it really is, the value that it delivers to individuals and corporates all over the world. By tying together, the strings of various professionals across an array of industries, LinkedIn allows people to stay virtually connected with a large number of professionals and businesses. This is one platform which coaxes each brand, individual and business, to present their best ever ‘get up’. After all, this is what gives LinkedIn its professional image. Users have an eye for formal content, something that is meaningful and holds value in its idea, which is why at LinkedIn, brands have ample scope to make an impact, provided that they are able to come up with the right content structure.

How can LinkedIn advertising impact businesses in UAE?

Given its vast potential, LinkedIn presents a very lucrative opportunity for brands and businesses to advertise their product or service offerings. This helps them in tapping a potential market which thrives with knowledge hungry professionals. Worldwide, more than 450 million users make use of LinkedIn each year. You will be surprised to know that LinkedIn is the origination of more than 80 per cent of B2B leads. Just imagine the credibility that LinkedIn commands in the market and how it can transform the shape of your brand with an apt marketing strategy. This calls for crafting a specific advertisement campaign, tailored exactly for LinkedIn, so that you can leverage your brand in UAE and reach a vast millennial of customers and businesses, who may be willing to enter into business with you. Let us delve into some crucial statistics that will help you decipher the need to exploit LinkedIn advertising in UAE as a primary source of influencing your potential customers:

  • Out of a total population of 9.45 million people, about 9.38 million people have been found to be active on social media, which makes it a whopping 99.26% of the population.
  • There is an active growth, both in the rate of social media users on mobile platforms, as well as social media penetration at 2% every year.
  • After Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, LinkedIn ranks fifth in the league of most used social media platforms in UAE, with more than 40% of social media users actively engaging on the platform.
  • Not to desist from the rank, imagine the potential that LinkedIn still holds to expand and attract more users, increase the visibility of a brand advertising on it.

The right LinkedIn advertising strategy

Something that most marketers don’t pay attention to, is the fact that LinkedIn happens to be the top B2B networking platform. This can be seen as a promising opportunity to use the latest tools and gain a host of qualified leads by reaching decision making professionals. This way, brands and businesses in Dubai can create advertisements which are specific to their typical demography. This way, not only will their ads remain relevant to the target LinkedIn users but also save wastage for the brand. What your brand needs is a custom LinkedIn marketing solution which can tap the target market within a fixed budget. This advertisement campaign should be built such that it remains sustainable and manageable over a given length of time and helps you reach your targets. Considering these points can help you create the right ads for your audience:

  1. Your ad should contain a catchy heading, a quick value proposition through an ad copy, a destination URL, and a good image.
  2. Set up a campaign manager account through LinkedIn and create an ad with specifics of your brand. Choose your budget and refine your ads with time.
  3. Use best practices for ad targeting to zero down on your target audience.

Targeting brands and businesses through LinkedIn advertising in UAE

A successful advertisement campaign will be able to influence potential customers and create awareness about your product and service offering. The best part about this channel is that there are no hidden costs involved. Instead, you only need to pay for those clicks that are generated through an ad. This lets you determine a more accurate return on Investment as it is based on actual numbers. For this, you will need an experienced marketing strategist, who can devise a holistic marketing campaign for your brand, creating visually appealing content which draws the attention of a LinkedIn user. You will need to adopt a proactive approach in this matter and think along the standing point of your potential customers, considering very well as to why he is on this social media platform, what is he exactly looking for and why would he be willing to give attention to your brand, should as ad from it appear on his social media.

LinkedIn marketing may seem to be an unexplored territory at first, and may raise questions about viable results. However, given what the numbers reveal, this is where you should tap to explore new business opportunities for business in UAE. Who knows, you may just end up establishing yourself as the expert in the field through LinkedIn marketing!

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