Upcoming Digital Marketing trends for the year 2019 and 2020

Upcoming Digital Marketing trends for the year 2019 and 2020

2018 is almost over and with the new year, a new wave of innovations and ideas will leap in the mainstream world of marketing and technology. Digital marketing has grown into a mammoth project, developing and evolving each year and it is time to welcome the trends which are expected to mark the upcoming new years and rattle the timelines for a digital marketing agency.

Watch out for growing authenticity

The current marketing and advertising scenario have fallen prey to growing distrust among consumers. In an attempt to ‘clean’ the online space of unscrupulous and fake marketing gimmicks, authentic content is being promoted and catching the eye, having caught a far better reach than ads and even influencer marketing.

The growth of native marketing

Paid media publicity through celebrities and hidden promotions have been the talk of the town until recently. However, consumers have begun realizing their existence and losing interest over the fame quotient of celebs. This is paving pave for more native forms of advertising, limiting the form of paid advertising and the manner in which social media influencers promote a specific content.

Voice search marketing

You must have recently come across voice assistant gadgets such as Google home, Amazon Echo etc. which respond to a consumer’s requests through verbal commands. Almost 65% of the users of these gadgets admit that they would hate to go back to a place where they do not have access to these assistants, indicating how well people have already begun adapting to these devices and look forward to their expanded use in the future. There is no doubt how and why voice search marketing would slowly integrate itself into this module and manifest itself in the time to come.

Expect chatbots to become your BFF

The ongoing growth of Chatbots has been unprecedented and thus, poses no hurdle in understanding why its growth will continue in the times to come. They will continue to become more usable and widely adaptable in the time to come. Chatbots stand to benefit a business greatly and it is time that you start developing one for yourself or else, stand to lose your business and customers to default service.

Live videos are here to stay

After making a major breakthrough entry in mainstream social media, live videos instantly gathered the attention of a majority of social media users. Live videos have a way to engage the user or the customer, which is more impactful than any advertisement format that you can imagine. With this, it will be hard to ignore the growth of video advertisement as well. Businesses are gearing up to join the league and engage more customers by means of live videos.

We can’t be really sure what the year 2019 and 2020 will bring for us but at the verge of completing the year 2018, it is only fair to contemplate how the face of digital marketing is set to alter in the days to come. Every Digital marketing agency is hopefully gearing up on these developments for an early mover advantage. And We are recognized as a top Digital Marketing Company on DesignRush.

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